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We Can Help Your Business Grow By Developing and Implementing Complete Marketing Systems In These Four Areas

Customer Base

Are you consistently getting more customers month after month? Getting more customers is one of the biggest keys to growing your business.


What are people saying about your business. A positive reputation both online and offline can be a powerful business asset that drives sales to your business.


Are you maximizing the transaction value of your customers? On average, it costs 5 times more to sell to a new customer than to an existing customer.


Do you have a system in place that actively seeks referral from your current customers? Referrals can be a great way to consistently get new customers.

Learn How To Start Growing Your Business Now!

We have published a collection of helpful marketing resources to help you fuel your growth and outperform the competition.

Our Services

We help local businesses grow and dominate their markets by creating and implementing proven marketing systems that are tailored to leverage existing business assets. Our job is to be experts in marketing your business so you can do what you do best – running your business. LEARN MORE

Strategy Development & Implementation

We can help you develop and implement marketing strategies to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your customer base and improve customer loyalty through social media. Social media can also be a powerful tool that can make or break your business reputation.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is a new marketing media that is proven to produce higher rate of engagement that can lead to more sales for you. ACG has fast, effective, and affordable mobile marketing solutions for you.

Web Presence

Today’s consumers are globally connected digitally and they demand access everywhere that having a website is no longer enough. Let us help your business have a total web presence. Ask us how today!


Why You Need a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Your marketing plan informs you how you’ll get the word out about your business to your target market. It doesn't have to be multiple pages long, a page or two should do. Don’t move forward without a plan because it’s like shooting in the dark. With a plan you can...

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INFOGRAPHICS: 8 Steps To Identify Your Ideal Customer

Many business owners generate 80 percent of their income from 20% of their customers. That is because the other 80 percent aren't totally in line with their ideal customer. If you think you're one them, you can improve and exponentially grow your income by...

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